Hire a WingWoman Savvy Ice-Breakers at Your Service! Hire a WingWoman Savvy Ice-Breakers at Your Service!

  • Gals - Let's go up to those guys across the bar together. Your WingWoman will put YOU in the spotlight.
  • We will distract his friend while you two are talking.
  • Your WingWoman will practice body language with you, and talk about what to say to keep his interest.
  • We won't be that friend who likes the same guy you do!
  • Guys - Women are more likely to respond positively to a woman starting up a conversation with them than a man. We can associate better with the same sex, and will not give the appearance of "hitting on" a woman of interest.
  • A lot of women have their guard up to men when they just want to have cocktails with their girlfriends. We let their guard down, then ease you into the conversation as our "trustworthy guy friend."
  • Take us to your next business networking event. "A more social WingWoman is an invaluable companion when it comes to leaving an impression, because she could do a quick introduction about you to the target, making it sound more legit than when you do it on your own." - GuoTime.com
  • Our WingWomen are attractive, confident, relaxed, and sociable. When you are out in a public area with one of these women, you convey the message that this is the company you keep.


How To Hire a WingWoman - Let's say that you are the client.

First, you'd schedule the amount of hours for which you'd like to hire the WingWoman.  Then, one of our representatives would call you and discuss what type of women or men you're looking to meet and venue you'd like to go (a bar, lounge, party, event, etc.) We can make suggestions for you as well! 

Depending on the age range and type of women/men you're into, you would be matched with the appropriate WingWoman.  For example, if you are looking for girls or guys in their 20's, you wouldn't be set you up with a WingWoman in her 40's, and vice versa.  

When you're ready to meet, you'll receive a text informing you what the WingWoman is wearing and where exactly she's waiting to meet you.  From there, you'll have an amazing time meeting people because your WingWoman will do all the hard work for you (introductions, breaking the ice, etc.) with anyone you want to meet!